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Increase Your Revenue

We work with hotels, self-service apartments, guest houses, and universities to increase online accommodation bookings without slashing prices or giving away margins. By improving your listings and giving you more exposure with the OTA’s, attracting more corporate bookings and by increasing your bookings directly through your website you will increase your occupancy levels and increase your revenue.

No Revenue Increase… No Fee

Our service comes with NO set up fee, NO monthly charges and most importantly – NO increase, NO fee. In other words, you only pay a small commission (6%) for any ADDITIONAL revenue we help you generate. So if you’re not better off from working with us, then you don’t pay ANYTHING.

Our Unique Combination Of Technology & Service Saves You Time

As a Recommended Hotels client, you’ll get our time-saving RHE channel management software included – but it’s not just technology alone. You’ll have ongoing service from our team of optimisation experts that will develop your OTA listings, set up GDS, and provide support and advice to help you grow your business.

OTA Healthcheck

Our first step is to assess your existing presence on the OTAs, by giving you a FREE OTA Healthcheck (worth £200). This is an in-depth report which will be yours to keep, and shows you where you are missing out on potential bookings through the OTAs.

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Latest from our Blog

How To Increase Hotel Corporate Sales

Whilst the focus of the hotel business is generally focused on leisure travellers, corporate and business travellers can be a very lucrative section of a hotel’s client base. Around 35 percent of hotel revenue in the UK is attributed to corporate sales, so targeting these individuals specifically can be a particularly worthwhile endeavour.

There four distinct ways in which to increase your hotel corporate sales, all of which can be implemented alongside your regular offerings.

How Much Does a Global Distribution System (GDS) Cost?

Today’s GDS systems offer much in the way of time-saving and revenue-generating convenience for hotels. But how much does a system like this actually cost you? This really depends first on which GDS system you choose for your establishment, and then on the services you choose to have that GDS system provide.

Very generally speaking, GDS pricing will usually involve paying £500 one-off as a loading fee, and then paying each month for your hotel to remain in the system plus additional booking commissions. The monthly fee can range anywhere between £30 to £300 or higher, again depending on the services you’ve chosen.

N.B. Using the Recommended Hotels service can save you a significant amount on these fees, and we set everything up for you. Download our FREE Guide To GDS to find out more.

There is much to consider when choosing the right GDS system that goes beyond just the pricing of the product. Depending on the system, there may be several add-ons you can purchase that will benefit any number of facets of your establishment. As well, you need to ensure your channels are ready for GDS integration.

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