Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have firmly established themselves as the go-to places online for finding and booking hotels, resorts and other types of accommodation. They are marketing powerhouses that utilise cutting-edge technology and enjoy unrivalled global reach.

In a nutshell, if you want to stand the greatest chance of more people finding your hotel and booking your rooms, you must take advantage of OTAs. If you don’t, you’re leaving money on the table.

But don’t just take our word for it. Consider this: In the month of January this year alone, Expedia garnered 58.5 million unique visitors [source: Similar Web].

However, if you simply list your hotel on an OTA and expect tons of new bookings to flood in, you are probably going to be disappointed. That’s because your hotel’s OTA listing will not be fully optimised and your OTA content score won’t be as high as it could be.

Like all of your other digital marketing initiatives, optimising your hotel’s OTA listing and boosting your OTA content score takes time and effort. Plus, you also need to know what you’re doing…

What is an OTA content score?

A content score is a gauge used by the Online Travel Agents that helps determine a properties position in the search listings for a given area.  It is based on the quality and adequacy on information provide on the website

When a consumer searches for a hotel or other type of accommodation through an OTA, the order in which the results are displayed is determined by what’s known as an OTA content score. Listings with better OTA content scores appear higher up the list of results; much in the same way that websites do in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when they have spent time and money on SEO.

The bottom line is that the higher your listing appears on an OTA, the more bookings you are likely to enjoy as a result i.e. your OTA content score can directly influence your likelihood of getting bookings.

That’s why your OTA content score is such a big deal.

How to improve your OTA content score

The good news is that there are a number of ways in which you can improve your OTA content score (and most of them won’t break the bank).

While we are going to briefly outline some of the factors that determine your OTA content score below, we will save the in-depth information on how you can improve your OTA content score for another post (watch this space).

Here are some of the factors that determine and influence your OTA content score:

  • Images
  • Tags
  • Descriptions
  • Room types
  • Rates & Offers
  • Value-add services (things like free Wi-Fi, free parking, free breakfast, etc.)
  • Reviews

Recommended Hotels was specifically founded to support accommodation providers who want more business through OTAs.

We stay abreast of every change and development that OTAs make to ensure your accommodation listings are always fully optimised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide you with our own channel manager and give you full connectivity support. Powered by our parent company Cultuzz you will easily benefit from real time distribution across hundreds of online channels. Update and manage bookings 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our channel manager can be provided for a monthly fee.

This is dependent on the both the connectivity of your channel manager and the flexibility of your properties standard policies. At Recommended Hotels we have a view that the more sites you are listed on the better, but we would never recommend anything that wouldn’t work for you. Our Distribution Team are experts in OTA set up and are always happy to advise you.

Yes, our content service, focusing on internet visibility creates a billboard effect, thus driving more business via your own website.

Yes, our Distribution Managers will support you with this. If you use Cultuzz as your channel manager our Distribution Manages will load, map, and maintain all your special offers for you.

We hold regular reviews with our OTA partner with a view to negotiating betters deals for our clients and finding out what is changing before anyone else.

Complete OTA content is vital for a good position in the listings on any website and is one of the key factors when it comes to improving your properties conversion rates. If you want to get more bookings without paying more commission to the OTAs themselves then improving you content score is a must. At Recommended Hotels we will not just list you on new OTAs but will continually maintain you content to ensure a continued revenue increase.

We can offer you an Online Health Check which is a bespoke report that will look into all aspects of your online presence and allow us to analyse the best way to help you.

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